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BanzoType is an ICT professional services provider based in the Eastern Cape region with its headquarters located in Gqebera formally known as Port Elizabeth.

The company is 100% black owned and has an intention of improving its management diversity through investment and partnership opportunities. BanzoType Technologies is committed to establishing itself as an industry service delivery leader at an affordable rate and to always resolve client’s needs according to the best available industry related technology.


BanzoType Technologies objectives are as follows:


  • Expand our services to the Public Sector in South Africa.
  • Expand our services to private sector including small, medium, and big business scale.
  • To secure a substantial share in the corporate spend on IT services nationwide.
  • Assist in bridging the gap that exist between business/organisation and its people through ICT.
  • Through ICT, assist clients to reduce computer illiteracy.


BanzoType Technologies seeks to live up to its name and beyond by truly becoming the champion ICT service provider in the region. BanzoType Technologies believes that through ICT, an organisation should be enabled to reach its strategic goals effectively and efficiently. Convenient and a reliable service is at the core of our mission and values.





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34 Newton Street Newton Park ,  Gqebera


+27 84 858 2555 / +27 87 821 7451



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