Sandiswa Mantyi is from rural areas in Idutywa Town, she is a team member at BanzoType Technologies and glad to be part of this great opportunity to grow the business and learning more complex skills to help clients. Very shy, quiet and focused individual who always look forward to success.
Her background goes as follows: She studied at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University where she obtained her Diploma in I. T (Support Services). Sandiswa worked as student assistant while she was studying, helping with End-user computing module. She has always bought abundant energy, dedication, experience and personal knowledge to her work. Sandiswa has experience in a call centre as Senior Associate(technical Support) specializing on providing technical support via telephone calls, where she experienced different and impatient individuals from different backgrounds. She worked under pressure but still managed to maintain and deliver good service.
Sandiswa has obtained a second qualification of Advanced Diploma in Technical and Vocational Education and Training in 2021. She is am holding the role of IT Support Office Manager, based on giving Technical Support, Implementing procedures ,monitoring and managing progress and ensuring customer expectations are met.

Favourite quotes:

Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you. Having supporting team is like all the tools and backups needed to build a car”- Misty Copeland